Top 3 Games to play on a rainy day   1. UNO , a game which is always fun to play no matter how old you are. We always used to play that when we were kids and still sometimes play it with friends or family.                                2.Chess , if you only want to play a game with one person and if you like board games, chess might be the right game for you. You need patience and a good strategy to combat you're partner. It's definitely more difficult than Uno, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.                              3.Pantomime, a game for the whole family or friends. It's also a game you can play on parties. We guarantee you that this game will make you laugh a lot! You have to split your group of friends or family into two smaller groups. Each group writes 3 cards with a  thing or person on it. A person from the other group has to chose one of the cards and tries to express the written expression without talking to the other group me